Former Quest Integrity CFO Todd Katz Keeping An Eye On Apple, Amazon Deals For 2018

Todd KatzWith the first month of 2018 now nearly wrapped up, those with their ear to the ground when it comes to major financial shake-ups are patiently waiting. These individuals are waiting for economic heavyweights like Amazon and Apple to pull the trigger on moves that the rest of us have long suspected of taking place. For Todd Katz of Quest Integrity, news of these impending mergers and acquisitions remind him of the major moves he oversaw during his successful career in M&A.
According to a Jan. 3, 2018 article from the financial market experts at, other major names like Netflix and Target could be making headlines. When it comes to the former, the article predicts that tech giant Apple could finally commit to an enormous investment to acquire streaming content provider Netflix. Per the article, “Apple has defied these speculators time and time again, opting instead to invest in itself.” However, the article goes on to say there’s a 40 percent chance of Apple committing to the Netflix move. Online retail giant Amazon took on up-scale grocery store chain Whole Foods in 2017 in exchange for a $13 billion asking price and now some experts expect Target will be the next massive operation in its sights. As the Nasdaq article notes, “Target certainly makes sense within the context of the online retailer’s ongoing war with Walmart.”

In 2017, the Nasdaq article notes that the Aetna health insurance company’s partnering with the CVS chain was a major power play. While with Quest Integrity, Todd Katz saw similar efforts during his eight years with the company. For example, Mr. Katz was part of a team that increased the pipeline inspection company’s revenue five-fold, from $14 million in 2008 to $75 million in 2016. The company’s total employment increased similarly during that period.  As a strategic chief financial officer (CFO) with Quest Integrity, Todd Katz was able to spearhead the sale of this company to a publicly-traded entity.

While with Merrill Lynch in California, Mr. Katz was a Director in the mergers & acquisitions group where he oversaw teams of investment bankers, attorneys and clients as they carried out mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and spin-offs. While only time will tell if the Amazon and Apple deals play out as many financial experts expect them to, Mr. Katz will continue to intently watch, wait and learn.

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