Stock Market Investing A Roller Coaster Ride Made Easy With Advice From Financial Professional

The stock market is a great way to boost your bottom line – if you know how to play the game. That knowledge comes from years of research and first-hand experience earned by those who’ve been immersed in the New York Stock Exchange or any stock market. They’ve been “bulls” at times and “bears” at others, but have come out on top through patience, a little luck, some good planning and sheer dedication. Publicly-traded companies need investors to buy in as to boost their shares and fund initiatives; private investors need the stocks to make money. It’s a straightforward relationship, but learning a little bit about the industry never hurt anyone. According Todd Katz, formerly of Quest Integrity, a publicly-traded company offers members of the general public many ways to profit. Continue reading for some general stock market advice that could leave you feeling a bit more bullish about the market.

The stock market is more like a roller coaster than an elevator so jump in and hang on. The price of stock goes up and down and as such, so does the value of your investment portfolio. While it’s easy to get in on the ground floor and purchase a share of a company for a few cents, the payoff is minimal. Todd Katz, of Quest Integrity, led that company through a five-fold worldwide revenue growth, climbing from $14 million in 2008 to $75 million in 2016. It wasn’t long after that high water mark that Todd Katz oversaw Quest Integrity’s sale to a publicly-traded company. Some other financial experts suggest reading educational books and articles from the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg to better understand the ebbs and flows of the market movements on a daily basis. It’s also possible to look at the moves such legendary entrepreneurs as Warren Buffet and George Soros to see what works and how long it could possibly take to turn a profit.

Todd Katz, formerly of Quest Integrity, was a hands-on CFO who spent nine years overseeing mergers and acquisitions at leading investment banks. As such, he advised senior executives, private companies and boards of directors on sales, spin-offs, buyouts and more. With such knowledge readily available, it would behoove any potential investor to consult Todd Katz for his wealth of financial experience; it may just prove to be the best monetary move you’ll make in a lifetime.